Within Buckinghamshire, the 11 + exam is also known as the Buckinghamshire Secondary Transfer Test. It has been designed to assess whether grammar school is a suitable option for your child. The exam is commissioned by The Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools, a company set up to act on behalf of the 13 grammar schools in the county. Since 2018 the test has been produced by GL Assessment. 

The Buckinghamshire 11+ consists of two papers, which are approximately 45 minutes each and are taken on the same day with a short break in-between. 

Paper one – verbal skills, including verbal reasoning, comprehension and technical English.

Paper two – non-verbal skills, including non-verbal reasoning, spatial skills and Mathematics.  

At Primary School Tutor, the two courses, Foundation 11+ and Year Five 11+, have been developed to help prepare your child for the Buckinghamshire 11+. 

See each course below

Foundation 11+

Year Five 11+