The two courses in Our Year 5 Preparation Courses are the Mock Exam Course that is done once a month and the weekly 11+ Tuition Course, which is the teaching course.

Years 5 pupils can take the 11 Plus Preparation Course because it prepares them in four subjects; Verbal Reasoning, Non-verbal Reasoning, English, and Mathematics. The 11+ Entrance Examinations into Private Schools and State Grammar require all these subjects.

We hold tuition at various locations at weekends and on weekdays after school. The tables below contain the class locations, times, and days.

Every single weekly lesson is split into two parts and it is 2¼ hours long. The first part is an ‘individual’ teaching session and the second part is a timing/technique session. We hold an ‘individual’ teaching session in a small group of 8-11 students. The teaching session in the timing/technique session is larger, and this part teaches the children how to focus under timed conditions and it provides an exam ‘atmosphere’.

To enable the young students to learn from each other and encourage discussion, we teach creative writing and advanced vocabulary work during the larger group sessions. The supportive and fun environment helps develop the student’s writing skills to a high level.

There is a mock exam session once a month in all of our Year 5 Courses. It is 2¾ hours in length and the exam is done on a Sunday. Check under 11+ Mock Examples to get more details.

For the young pupils sitting 11+ exams for private schools, we include a mock interview that comes after we teach them interview techniques and practice.