We have a one-year course that runs a full school term from January to December. This course occurs each year. We also have a Year 5 Course. This is a 16-month term running from September of one year to December of the next. Each child will be taught for the full Fall Term with this course schedule once they are in Year 6. This is when most exams are held.

There are some schools that make a child go through select pre-exams during September of Year 6. They then must undergo more exams in October through December. Many private schools hold exams in January of Year 6 for the children.

Many grammar schools begin exam sessions about four or more months than before. We hold a course for simulated exams once a month. This is given along with weekly tutoring classes that allow your child to complete all the work they need to.

We recommend highly that you have your child go through 11+ courses starting in their fourth year. Doing this lets your child have all the time they need to cover all study areas without any stress that can come when they attempt to cram during their last few months in Year 5. This can cause them unnecessary panic. It is our experience that students who get tuition from Year 4 onward succeed more than 92 percent than other students.